The Factory, Paintings by Fathi Afifi

Documentary 20′ (in postproduction)
directed by Sandra Gysi

A young hopeful Fathi Afifi gets his first job in a factory – Clocking in with twenty thousand other workers. Arriving for the first time, he was told – forget your name -Here you’re a number. Over four decades later , his art is celebrated for its depiction of the de-humanizing effect of industry on the human spirit. He expresses this in his unique style – mixing surrealism, figurative and realism.

With: Fathi Afifi / Roubi L’Roubi / Mina Noshy
Narrator / Translation / Photography: Roubi L’Roubi
Sound Mix / Music: Taher Saleh
Film editing / Cinematography: Sandra Gysi
Assistant editor: Doudou – Mohamed Abo Elfath

A Production by The Foundation Gallery – London and donkeyshot filmproduction 2021

donkeyshot filmproduction gmbh
Hohlstrasse 4, CH-8004 Zürich