From local grassroots to global action – Womens’ International Meet on Non-violence and Peace

Documentary report, India 2016, 39’
OV: English, Hindi, Spanish / English Subtitles

250 international and local women activists met in October 2016 in India to reflect on their work and discuss strategies for networking and global action. A three-day conference in Jalgaon was followed by site visits to grassroots projects at the village level in Madhya Pradesh, and a film festival on women’s political and civil society action with a closing session in New Delhi.

Directing / Cinematography / Editing: Sandra Gysi
Additional Camera: Akshika Chandna / Vinod Kumar
Assistants: Akshika Chandna / Pushpa Rawat
Translation: Akshika Chandna / Gauri Kulkarni / Margrit Hugentobler
Idea: Franziska Reck / Margrit Hugentobler / Küde Meier

Many thanks to
all the participants and organisers of the International Women’s meet
and to Ekta Parishad (India) and IGINP (India) for assistance and support (
and to Förderverein CESCI, Zurich, RECK Filmproduction Zurich and SWISSAID Berne for financial support

© 2016, CESCI Förderverein, RECK Filmproduction Zurich

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