Karmakol Again

A documentary by  Ahmed Abdel Mohsen
Sudan, Switzerland, Egypt,  approx. 75 min 

In Production

Frustrated by decades of oppression and isolation by the Islamic military regime, a group of young Sudanese artists wants to organise an international cultural festival in a village in the middle of the desert in northern Sudan: Karmakol – Open Sudan. But the governmental authority under Omar Al Bashir opposes their plan and forbids their project by all means. Against all odds, the festival team is not willing to give up and fight for their „Open Sudan“ until almost the end of their strength.

While the young team practices civil disobedience, the elderly artist Adel sceptically observes the development of the preparations. Like an African storyteller telling a dream, he guides with his gentle voice through the film.

The festival became a great success with thousands of participants and was to take place for the second time in winter 2021. But the military coup on 25 October 2021 destroyed all preparations. With the devastating war that broke out in April 2023, all hope - including that of cultural opening - has died for a long time.

What remains is the dream of "Karmakol again" and hundreds of young Sudanese who carry and pass on their cultural experiences from Karmakol.

With Adel Kbeida, Aliaa Sir el Khatem, Mia Bittar, Abdallah Othman, Riham Abo Obiada

A production of donkeyshot film production (Switzerland), Open Sudan (Sudan), Fekra Studios (Egypt)

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