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Swiss Initiative – Culture Projects (official Website)

The Swiss Initiative is a joint venture between Swiss and International Artists with the aim to support Sudanese culture through capacity building,
knowledge exchange and a series of cultural projects.

Initially organised by donkeyshot filmproduction, in february 2016 the association swiss initiative – culture projects was founded. donkeyshot is still activ in various projects and in the association (Visions and Mission of the association – in German (6.5MB)).

The project is under the joint patronage of the Sudanese and Swiss Commissions for UNESCO (Statement PDF 28 KB) and of SWISS FILMS

Swiss Initiative – culture projects sudan (PDF 8.5 MB)

Re-boot for movie-making in Sudan (PDF 1.2 MB), in: ceo / pwc, The magazine for decision makers, December 15

Between 2015 – 2018 various sustainable projects will be taking place in Sudan:

8 Films: The producing of eight professional Sudanese feature films in cooperation with Swiss and International filmmakers. The necessary Know-How will be transferred to the various film crews through a series of lectures and workshops. The film projects will receive individual substantive support and guidance throughout all stages of the production.
Open Cinema: The restoration of a historical cinema in Khartoum and equipping it with the highest projection and sound technology. The project will be a model for the private sector on how to reopen various cinemas in Sudan, which have been closed for decades.
Karmakol: Establishing an annual International Culture Festival (Music / Theatre / Film / Arts / Literature) in the village of Karmakol which will serve as a cultural exchange platform between existing Sudanese festivals and cultural productions, as well as international festivals. The restoration and transformation of the old village of Karmakol into a permanent public film studio.
Culture Spots: Since April 14 and during the developing phase of the Swiss Initiative, various local culture projects have been supported. Sudanese festivals, cultural centers and artists will continue receiving technical support along with skills training in organization, communication, promotion and fundraising. In addition a number of culture prizes, scholarships, art residency and educational trips will be created.

By establishing a solid structure for Sudanese cultural projects, the Swiss Initiative aims to protect and promote the diversity of cultural expression. The overall goal of the Swiss Initiative is to contribute to intercultural understanding and international cultural cooperation, two constant priorities of UNESCO.

previous activities

Sudan Januar 2015
Swiss Panorama at the Sudan Independent Film Festival (21.1.-27.1.15) / Workshops by Swiss Filmmakers / Sudanese Classical Films / Sudan Experimental Theater – Magdy Elnour / various Workshops
Report zu den Aktivitäten (PDF 11 MB)

Sudan October 2014
Conference “Novels and Cinema”
Report zu den Aktivitäten (PDF 3.4 MB)

Sudan April 2014
Swiss Team in Sudan
Various Film-Workshops / Demo Tape Open Call / Tayeb Salih and the cinema / Filmproduktions-Workshop / various Events / Screenings Reverse Phone Lookup , TV-Interviews / Location Scouting / Reception at the Swiss Embassy
Report zu den Aktivitäten (PDF 24 MB)
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