Laila, Hala and Karima – A Year in Revolutionary Cairo

A film by Eduard Erne and Ahmed Abdel Mohsen
© 2012, documentary 52′

with Laila Soliman (Theatre Director), Hala Elkoussy (Filmmaker and Artist), Karima Mansour (Choreographer) u.a.

Orginal: E / ARAB / D; Versionen: Deutsch, Englisch, Englisch mit franz. UT, Englisch mit arab. UT
Eine Produktion von donkeyshot filmproduction / SRF (Sternstunden) / 3sat

The first year of change from the personal point of view of three Egyptian artists, who participated actively in the uprising – provocative tales from revolutionary Cairo.

They were standing in the very centre of the storm, when in January 2011 Cairo’s Tahrir Square was shaken about and the old orders of Egypt started to crumble. Laila Soliman – theatre director, Hala Elkoussy – filmmaker and artist and Karima Mansour – choreographer: three young women, three female artists. This documentary follows them
through a difficult year of change.
As typical representatives of a new and young generation, already at home in a globalized world with all their senses and their minds, Laila Hassan Soliman, Hala Elkoussy and Karima Mansour refuse to accept the deadlock the Egyptian society finds itself in – provocative tales from revolutionary Cairo.

First screening 29.1.2012, Sternstunden SRF1

Written & directed by Ahmed Abdel Mohsen and Eduard Erne
Editing: Ahmed Abdel Mohsen, Jakob Nägeli
Cinematography: Ahmed Abdel Mohsen, Sandra Gysi
Original Sound: Willy Pfänder
Sound Mix: Pascal Tsering
Color Correcting: Ursula Deiss
Editing Consulting: Sandra Gysi
Narrator: Phil Hayes
Translation into English: Manuela Thurner
Translation into Arabic: Hala Elkoussy
Producer: Sandra Gysi
Production: donkeyshot filmproduction

Comissioning Editors:
Denise Chervet, Redaktion Sternstunde Kunst SF
Rajan Autze, 3sat
Damian Schnyder, Kulturplatz SF
Barbara Riesen, 3sat
Norbert Bischofberger, Sternstunden SF

Special Thanks to Günther Hasenkamp, Goethe-Institut Cairo
and: Mahmoud Awadallah, Daria Gusberti,Mahmoud Refat, Magdi Mostafa

A donkeyshot filmproduction in Cooperation with Swiss Television SF and 3sat, © 2012, donkeyshot filmproduction GmbH Zurich

Press Review

A film about revolution can’t be planned in advance (PDF), by Marcy Goldberg. In: Passagen Nr.58, page 6f (20/5/2012)
Deux épopées, deux films suisses, by Fazwi Soliman. In: Al-Ahram Hebdo (2/5/2012)
Art and revolution, revisited in two new documentaries, by Helen Stuhr-Rommereim. In: Egypt Independent (25/4/2012)
Drei Frauen halten die Stellung – Ein neuer Dokumentarfilm zeigt die ägyptische Revolution aus der Sicht dreier Künstlerinnen, by Hanna Jordi. In: Der Bund (2/2/2012)

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