Groppi – A Piece of Switzerland in the heart of Cairo (in preparation)

A documentary by Ibrahim Abla

In 1891 the Swiss citizen, Giacomo Groppi, founded the “Groppi” café in Cairo. It became one of the most well known cafes in the Middle East, as many notable personalities spent their time there. In the 1920’s English generals and liberal Egyptian politicians conducted their business within its walls. Famous movie stars, German spies and the Jet Set came by, even the Egyptian king Farouk enjoyed the “Groppi” coffee. Then the founders of the Socialist Republic under Nasser forged their plans at “Groppi” tabels as well as the student movement of the 70’s. Later the cafe became the meeting point of the alternative culture scene and even the activists and revolutionaries of 2011 used the cafe as a retreat. Today the “Groppi” is in the hands of the “Muslim brotherhood”.
The documentary “Groppi” follows the history of a this Swiss enterprise that was involved with the social and political upheavels in Egypt.

ca. 90′ 615-544-4985 , Release 2018

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