ALMAZ – An Uncertain Journey

2022, fiction 30′, Sudan
Directed by Mia Bittar
Producer: Ahmed Abdel Mohsen

Produced by Miafilm Production and donkeyshot filmproduction
Powered by UNDP Sudan

An Eritrean migrant whose eyes are set on the West must first get smuggled out of neighbouring Sudan. Will Almaz make it to her dream destination?

Annually millions of people leave their homes searching for a new life – 24-year old Eritrean Almaz is one of them. Eyes are set on the West she must first get smuggled out of neighboring Sudan. A key stop on one of the most well-used migration paths in Africa, thousands cross Sudan each year. No official status or money, Almaz battles isola
tion and discrimination while finding support and acceptance in unexpected ways.

May 23: Malmö Arab Film Festival (Special Mention), Sweden
Dec 22: Karama Human Rights Film Festival, Jordan

Sara Ybark / Daniel Markos Tsegay / Reham Aboubida / Awadiya Macki

Assistant Director - Nadine El Roubi
Director of Photography - Khalid Awad Editor / Maruan Mohamed Yousef
Music Producer - Taher Saleh
Sound Mix - Ramon Orza

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Hohlstrasse 4, CH-8004 Zürich